Wikispaces Collaboration 2009

Date: Wed 30 Sept. 2009
Time: 10:00-12:00pm
Location: Ultimo, Video Conference or Teleconference
VC Meeting Room Number: 5158914 (multipoint)
Bridgit Conference Room: wikispaces use url to enter
Teleconference Dial in Number: (02) 9641 9276 then dial * 591925 * (press star before and after meeting no.)

Come and meet with Adam Frey from wikispaces and network with other NSW organisational subscribers of Private Label services.

We have put together a draft agenda below, if you have any suggestions or would like to showcase what you have been doing in wikispaces please add it below.


15 min
20 min
Wikispaces update
Adam Frey, Wikispaces
5 min
5 min
Macquarie Uni ?
5 min
UNSW (Robyn)
30 min
Open Conversation
15 min
Morning Tea

Possible issues for discussion could be

  • Showcase and reflection
  • Best practice examples
  • Common logon / authentication
  • Search across spaces
  • Content sharing
  • Plugin / mod. developments
  • Tagging systems
  • Planned Wikispaces features ie. editor upgrade
  • Group member pages
  • Integration with LMS - Moodle/ BB9
  • The need for flexibility in generating user reports. ie, for set date periods rather than monthly.

Attendance Preference

Adam Frey, Wikispaces
Stephan Ridgway, SI
Robyn Jay, UNSW
Debbie Evans, Centre Director, Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre, Macquarie University

Video Conference

Irene Ireland, NSI
Sally Brownlow, WI (or VC - no preference)
Tony Dean, RI (Wagga Wagga)


Room DG-40, Ground Floor library, Building D, TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Ultimo, Campus

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