TAFE NSW wikispaces Collaboration Bar Camp

Date: Tue 7 Oct
Time: 1:00-3:00pm
Location: Ultimo or Video Conference
Virtual Meeting Room Number: 5153709
Bridgit Conference Room: wikispaces use url to enter http://bridgit.det.nsw.edu.au/1618635273/BridgitLoader

It would be great to be able to widen and strengthen the collaborative framework we have established.



10 min
5 min
Showcase - SI
Stephan, Paula & Paulis
5 min
Showcase - WSI
Beth Hobbs
5 min
Showcase - II
Vicky Marchant & Steven Parker
5 min
Showcase - SWSI
Janet Stephens & Laurie Quarmby
5 min
Showcase - NCI
Alex & Deslie-Ann
5 min
Showcase - WI
Sally Brownlow
5 min
Showcase - RI
Robyn Honeman
5 min
Showcase - Hunter
Tony Lorriman
5 min
Showcase - New England
New England
20 min
Adam Frey, Wikispaces
30 min
Open Conversation

Possible issues for discussion could be

  • Showcase and reflection
  • Best practice examples
  • Common logon / authentication
  • Adware - context for educational spaces
  • Search across spaces
  • Content sharing
  • Plugin / mod. developments
  • Tagging systems
  • Planned Wikispaces features ie. editor upgrade


Adam Frey, Wikispaces
Stephan Ridgway, SI
Paula Williams, SI
Paulis Cheung, SI
Tessa Bachmayer, SI
Vicki Marchant, II
Steven Parker, II
Elizabeth Hobbs, WSI
Deb Haxton, WSI
Laurie Quarmby SWSI
Janet Stephens SWSI
Robyn Jay, NSW Innovations Coordinator, AFLF
Diana Khabbaz, TAFE 21C Project
Jo Kay, eLearning Consultant

Video Conference

DianneVan Berlo & David Gilchrist, Tamworth, New England - VC
Alex Miller & Deslie-Ann Osborn, NCI - VC
Sally Brownlow, WI
Tony Lorriman, Hunter Institute - VC
Robyn Honeman, RI

Room DG-40, Ground Floor library, Building D, TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Ultimo, Campus

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